let's talk about it!


... is an initiative by the team of SafeTalk to raise awareness about mental health.

While there are countless amazing organization and individuals doing remarkable job in addressing this problem, we want to use our resources & experience to share a message about mental awareness, primary focusing on breaking the stigma against not talking about our emotional well-being with our family, friends & colleagues.

Have you ever had these thoughts? Or do you know someone who you think might have similar thoughts?

Together, we can break the stigma. Everyone can help each other, we can help you, and you can help someone else

Free Mental Health Resources

We have compiled a list of FREE Mental Health Service Providers(NGOs, Government Offices, etc) in a single source to help you get access to FREE mental health care & share it with those who need it the most

Note: the current list comprises centers in Malaysia only. However, in the near future, we plan to expand and include additional countries in the list.

Helpline Directory

Get Insights from Experts

We have open conversations with Mental Health Professionals from various backgrounds, who generously offer their expert advice on questions that our community, including you, often asks. Feel free to explore these insightful conversations below

Become a Part of Our Community

Become a member of our social media community where it is all about mental health. Get invites to our initiatives, stay updated on our events & keep the mental health conversation alive with more than 31k active members from all over the world

Let's work together!

Looking for a way to get involved with #LetsTalkAboutIt or you have an idea for an awesome collaboration to raise awareness on mental health? Talk to us