Terms and Conditions

Welcome to www.safetalk.space

These terms and conditions delineate the rules and regulations governing the utilization of SafeTalk's Website, accessible at www.safetalk.space. Thank you for reviewing our Terms of Service (referred to as the Terms or Terms & Conditions). These Terms outline the conditions under which you agree to utilize the Services provided by SafeTalk (referred to as SafeTalk, our, us, or we). They constitute a legally binding contract between the Account Owner (also referred to as you or your) and SafeTalk.

If you disagree with these Terms, neither you nor the Team Members may utilize the Website or the Service. If you are aware of or suspect that a Team Member has violated these Terms, it is your responsibility to promptly revoke their access rights. Moreover, if you become aware that a Team Member no longer holds the necessary licenses or credentials, or is no longer associated with you, it is incumbent upon you to immediately withdraw their access rights.

By continuing to access or use the Service, you consent to be bound by the amended Terms of Service.

In order to utilize the Service, it is necessary for you to establish an account.

  • To set up the account, we will prompt you to furnish information on our website (Account Data)
  • You commit to providing accurate, up-to-date, and complete Account Data and to maintaining its accuracy, currency, and completeness
  • Account Data may encompass personal details such as your name, email address, telephone number, and those of your Team Members. We handle all personal information collected from you in accordance with our Privacy Policy
  • SafeTalk will designate you as the Account Owner and allocate you an account name (your Account Name). You and each User must individually select a username to identify yourselves under the Account Name and also choose a password.
  • You and each User bear the responsibility for safeguarding your password. Users must refrain from sharing login identifications and authentication passwords, as such actions may result in the suspension or termination of access for the User and the Account Owner, and/or an increase in charges, at SafeTalk’s sole discretion.

Account Usage Responsibility

  • All activities conducted through your Account, including those of all Users, are your responsibility
  • You and all Users of your Account must adhere to all applicable laws and SafeTalk’s Policies while utilizing the Service
  • Promptly inform us of any unauthorized use of your Account that comes to your attention. Any breach of these Terms of Service or Policies by you or your Users may lead to immediate suspension or termination of your Account without any refund or other compensation, at SafeTalk’s discretion

Fees and Billing

  • SafeTalk offers the Service for the Subscription Fees specified on the Website.
  • You are responsible for paying SafeTalk the applicable Subscription Fees for your and your Users' use of the Service. You authorize SafeTalk to collect all Subscription Fees using the agreed payment method
  • We reserve the right to introduce new services with additional fees or adjust existing fees, including retroactively imposing fees for previously free services, without prior notice
  • Failure to make payment may result in suspension or termination of your Account and access to the Service

SafeTalk retains the right to make additions, modifications, discontinuations, or eliminations to aspects, features, or functionalities of the Service periodically, for various reasons such as compliance with laws, enhancing security and functionality, error correction, or other purposes, at its sole discretion

Occasionally, SafeTalk may need to interrupt or suspend the Service, with or without prior notice, to safeguard the Service's integrity or functionality or for maintenance reasons. You acknowledge that SafeTalk bears no liability for any such interruption or suspension of the Service, whether intentional or not, and understand that neither you nor any Team Members or Users are entitled to refunds or other compensation for such interruptions or suspensions. Additionally, you agree that SafeTalk shall not be held liable for any alleged damage or harm resulting from the loss of any User Data

The Service might include links to or allow connections with third-party websites, servers, and online services or environments not owned or managed by SafeTalk. You acknowledge that SafeTalk holds no responsibility or liability for the content, policies, or practices of such third-party websites, servers, or online services or environments. Please refer to the applicable terms of use and privacy policies provided by the third party for their respective websites, servers, or online services or environments

Personal information and User Data

  • By utilizing our Service, you grant us authorization to collect, retain, and utilize personal information about you in adherence to our Privacy Policy.
  • You consent to providing us with any necessary permissions enabling us to access third-party data, services, or platforms to the extent required for the proper provision of our Service under these Terms.
  • We shall refrain from using User Data (including PHI) in any manner not permitted by these Terms of Service or prohibited by applicable law.
  • It remains your responsibility to adhere to all relevant privacy and data protection regulations and ensure that you have issued all requisite notifications and obtained all necessary consents (including for third-party access) from your Users, patients, and clients, ensuring that the User (including, but not limited to, your patients and clients) has consented to the collection of their User Data (including PHI) and access to their User Data by you, us, and, where applicable, other third parties.
  • Should legal necessity arise requiring us to disclose any User Data (including PHI) or any of your data or information, we will, to the fullest extent permissible by law, notify you prior to such disclosure unless instructed otherwise by a court of competent jurisdiction, requested not to do so by law enforcement, or advised by our legal counsel that prior notification is unnecessary or contravenes applicable law.
  • In the event of the termination of these Terms, whether due to your cancellation, your breach, or as otherwise stipulated in these Terms of Service, the Service includes an export feature enabling you to retrieve your User Data stored within the Service before the account termination date. It is solely your responsibility to export from your Account a file or files containing the User Data held within the Service before the account termination date and to ensure the secure preservation of User Data (including PHI) for your clients and patients in accordance with federal and state law. SafeTalk will proceed to delete the User Data from your Account.

Your Rights and Obligations with respect to User Data

  • You affirm that you possess or hold all requisite Intellectual Property Rights, licenses, consents, and permissions to utilize and authorize SafeTalk to utilize, retain, duplicate, and process the User Data within the Service as outlined by these Terms.
  • You bear responsibility for all information and User Data entered into the Service by you and those under your Account (including, but not limited to, clients, patients, and Team Members), including any alterations made to client or patient progress notes, whether previously secured or accessible.
  • All activities conducted within the Service by you are automatically logged (including entries in audit logs), subject to potential auditing by Account Owners, account administrators, regulators, or other authorized parties.
  • You grant SafeTalk (and its affiliates) a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to utilize, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works of, perform, and display User Data and Transaction Data solely for the purpose of delivering the Service. You agree that this license encompasses the right to duplicate, scrutinize, and utilize any of your User Data and Transaction Data as deemed necessary or desirable by SafeTalk for debugging, testing, or providing support or development services related to the Service and future enhancements.
  • You acknowledge that the User Data License granted to SafeTalk pertaining to your content will endure beyond the termination of your Account to enable SafeTalk:
    • to maintain server duplicates of specific instances of your User Data, including copies stored in conjunction with back-up, debugging, and testing operations; and
    • to facilitate the exercise of the licenses granted for any other copies or instances of the same User Data that you have not explicitly removed from the Service.
  • SafeTalk may utilize and disclose any data within the Service, including your data and User Data, to aid in enhancing the Service, for data analytics, or for sale to third parties, provided that any personal information contained in such data will be entirely anonymized and aggregated (thus no longer constituting personal information) prior to such utilization or disclosure.

Termination and Suspension

You retain the right to terminate these Terms by closing your Account at any time, for any reason. Once terminated, SafeTalk will have no further obligations or liabilities to you under these Terms or otherwise

SafeTalk reserves the right to suspend or terminate these Terms and your Account without prior notice if:

  • you commit a breach of these Terms that is not capable of remedy
  • you fail to rectify a breach within 10 days’ notice from SafeTalk, during which SafeTalk may suspend your Account at its sole discretion
  • you become insolvent, bankrupt, or enter liquidation

Furthermore, SafeTalk may suspend or terminate your Account (or the access of any Team Member) if we deem such action necessary to comply with legal requirements, protect the rights or interests of SafeTalk or any third party, or for any other reason deemed advisable at our sole discretion

You acknowledge and agree that you are not entitled to compensation or a refund for any interruption, suspension, or termination of the Service and these Terms under any circumstances

Upon termination of your Account:

  • all licenses granted by SafeTalk for the use of the Website, Software, and the Service will automatically cease
  • all User Data in your Account will be retained for no more than ninety (90) days after termination or expiration of your Account or these Terms, and deleted thereafter
  • You are responsible for exporting all User Data and ensuring the secure preservation of PHI for your clients pursuant to relevant law. During this period, your access to the Service will be limited to downloading your User Data

Liability for Unpaid Fees Upon Termination of Account

Upon termination of your Account, whether by you or by SafeTalk, you will not receive any refund of previously paid amounts, and you will remain liable for any charges incurred or unpaid amounts owed to SafeTalk

You may not transfer or sublicense any licenses granted by SafeTalk under these Terms without our prior written consent.

SafeTalk retains the right to assign these Terms, in whole or in part, along with all related rights, licenses, benefits, and obligations, without restriction, including the right to sublicense any rights and licenses under these Terms without your consent

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties, superseding any prior representations, warranties, or agreements from the date of the Account Owner's acceptance of these Terms

These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. The parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia

SafeTalk may provide you with names of certain third-party service providers (Service Providers) upon request or in connection with the Service. SafeTalk does not own or control these Service Providers and assumes no responsibility or liability for their acts or omissions, including any negligent, willful, or illegal conduct. You are responsible for conducting your own investigation and due diligence regarding any Service Providers referred to you by SafeTalk and agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless SafeTalk from all damages, liabilities, claims, expenses, and losses related to the referral of Service Providers to you


Unless otherwise stated, Compose & Compile Sdn Bhd and/or its licensors own the intellectual property rights for all material on www.safetalk.space. All intellectual property rights are reserved. You may access this from www.safetalk.space for your own personal use subjected to restrictions set in these terms and conditions.

You must not:

Hyperlinking to our Content

The following organizations may link to our Website without prior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online directory distributors may link to our Website in the same manner as they hyperlink to the Websites of other listed businesses; and
  • System wide Accredited Businesses except soliciting non-profit organizations, charity shopping malls, and charity fundraising groups which may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These organizations may link to our home page, to publications or to other Website information so long as the link: (a) is not in any way deceptive; (b) does not falsely imply sponsorship, endorsement or approval of the linking party and its products and/or services; and (c) fits within the context of the linking party’s site.

We may consider and approve other link requests from the following types of organizations:

  • commonly-known consumer and/or business information sources;
  • associations or other groups representing charities;
  • online directory distributors;
  • educational institutions and trade associations.

We will approve link requests from these organizations if we decide that: (a) the link would not make us look unfavorably to ourselves or to our accredited businesses; (b) the organization does not have any negative records with us; (c) the benefit to us from the visibility of the hyperlink compensates the absence of Compose & Compile Sdn Bhd; and (d) the link is in the context of general resource information.

These organizations may link to our home page so long as the link: (a) is not in any way deceptive; (b) does not falsely imply sponsorship, endorsement or approval of the linking party and its products or services; and (c) fits within the context of the linking party’s site.

If you are one of the organizations listed in paragraph 2 above and are interested in linking to our website, you must inform us by sending an e-mail to Compose & Compile Sdn Bhd. Please include your name, your organization name, contact information as well as the URL of your site, a list of any URLs from which you intend to link to our Website, and a list of the URLs on our site to which you would like to link. Wait 2-3 weeks for a response.

Approved organizations may hyperlink to our Website as follows:

  • By use of our corporate name; or
  • By use of the uniform resource locator being linked to; or
  • By use of any other description of our Website being linked to that makes sense within the context and format of content on the linking party’s site.

No use of Compose & Compile Sdn Bhd's logo or other artwork will be allowed for linking absent a trademark license agreement.

Please read Privacy Policy

Removal of links from our website

If you find any link on our Website that is offensive for any reason, you are free to contact and inform us any moment. We will consider requests to remove links but we are not obligated to or so or to respond to you directly.

Last updated: February 2024