Data Privacy

Why should you care about
your Data Privacy?

Think of data privacy like a diary with a lock on it. Just as you keep your personal thoughts safe in your diary, good data privacy lets you control who can access the that information

In mental health, therapists and clients share a lot of sensitive information, including personal details that should remain confidential. It’s crucial to protect this information because it belongs to you, and you should have control over how it’s collected and used

That's why it's essential to keep your data well-guarded. Ensuring your information is secure allows you to maintain privacy and control over your most personal details

Why does
SafeTalk care
about Data Privacy?

At SafeTalk, our commitment to privacy and security is unwavering—we invest substantial resources & want to work together with our users to ensure that everyone can engage in therapy without any concerns or distractions. With SafeTalk, your focus remains solely on your therapeutic journey, assured that your data is protected at all times.

What does SafeTalk do to
protect my data privacy?

Your privacy is paramount at SafeTalk. We dedicate ourselves to protecting your personal information with the highest standards of data security, ensuring a safe and confidential therapeutic experience

SafeTalk Team

The HIPAA Privacy Rule

HIPAA is a healthcare data protection standard established in United Status. It is designed to safeguard patient information and cover three main areas

Technical Safeguards: We ensure that data is encrypted and protected with the highest security measures on servers to prevent unauthorized access

Administrative Safeguards: We set a clear internal organizational structure within SafeTalk, defining who has access to the information and who does not

Data Sharing Rules: We prohibit the sharing of personal data with any third-party software without explicit authorization, ensuring patient privacy is maintained

End-to-end Data Encryption

End-to-end encryption works like sending a letter filled with coded text. The contents of the message are only decoded once delivered to the intended recipient, thus ensuring any data remains private and secure from unauthorized access both during transfer(using SSL encryption) & when at rest(AES-256 encryption)

How do you see your data

How your data is stored

As a valued member of our platform, we prioritize the security of your data and empower you with full control over your personal information. We encourage you to take the necessary steps to protect your data as well. Together, let's ensure our platform remains a secure and trusted environment for everyone