Digitizing Mental Health
the Right Way

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Mental health was something we have always deeply cared about on a personal level. Combining this genuine concern with our expertise in technology, our mission crystallized: to digitize mental health the right way, ensuring everyone felt safe and comprehensively supported. SafeTalk isn't just a platform; it's a testament to that commitment, aiming to make the journey to mental well-being straightforward and secure for all

the problem

While the conversation around Mental Health has been growing rapidly in the last few years, the technology around counselling, has unfortunately stayed in its infancy. Professionals are resorted to old & unfit processes & procedures that do not cater the needs of this fast-growing & delicate industry.

Problems such as manual processing of patients, client data privacy & usage unsafe communication channels are the roadblocks for Therapists, that are already overwhelmed by the ever growing number of people who are attending counselling.

our solution

...and that is where the idea of SafeTalk originates. To combine our expertise in technology & create a tool to help therapists & their clients with the process of engagement from the start & to the end, by providing them a safe space.

We have broken down the each step of the engagement and created dedicated & secure modules for communication, data storage, scheduling, payments management, reminders and more to craft a smooth journey for both the therapists & their clients.

we focus on



Digitalizing the end-to-end process of therapist & client engagement


Data privacy

Adhere to industry based data privacy laws to ensure safe channels for the involved parties



Automating & creating smart modules to improve efficiency & effectiveness

our goal

"In an era defined by technology, our focus is on preserving genuine connections. We're dedicated to ensuring that technology enhances, not disrupts, the intricate path of mental health care. With every innovation we introduce, we keep in mind the emotional nuances, vulnerabilities, and hopes that define this journey. "

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Shohin Aslamshoev & Shavkat Aslamshoev, Co-Founders of SafeTalk

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