Digitizing Mental Health
the Right Way

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It's our passion to empower Mental Health; the colletive goal that brings everyone together at SafeTalk. Combine this dedication with our proficiency in technology, our mission is solidified: to "Digitize Mental Health the Right Way". SafeTalk isn't just a platform, it's a testament to that commitment, making the journey of mental well-being straightforward and secure for all.

the problem

While conversations about mental health are becoming more open and widely discussed, the technological support within the industry has largely fallen behind. Therapists and resorted old-fashioned procedures that do not cater well to the needs of this fast-growing industry.

Problems such as manual processing of clients, data privacy, unsecure communication channels are a few of many roadblocks for Therapists, that are already overwhelmed by the ever growing number of people attending therapy.

our solution

...and this is where the idea of SafeTalk originates. We use our expertise in technology to create a platform that provides, a safe digital space for therapists to practice and for clients into their mental health journey, from start to end.

We have meticulously broken down the process of therapist-client engagement, and crafted easy-to-use & secure modules for each step, to enable a smooth journey for everyone.

we focus on



Digitalizing the end-to-end process of therapist & client engagement


Data privacy

Adhere to industry based data privacy laws to ensure safe channels for the involved parties



Automating & creating smart modules to improve efficiency & effectiveness

our goal

"In an era defined by technology, our focus is on preserving genuine connections. We're dedicated to ensuring that technology enhances, not disrupts, the intricate path of mental health care. With every innovation we introduce, we keep in mind the emotional nuances, vulnerabilities, and hopes that define this journey. "

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Shohin Aslamshoev & Shavkat Aslamshoev, Co-Founders of SafeTalk

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