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Are you one of the many therapists still using WhatsApp and Contact Forms on your website to receive bookings from your clients? Sitting through tens of messages a day and having to manually check and update your availability?

How about this! Picture a seamless scheduling experience where your clients can effortlessly book appointments & your schedule is always up to date. Let technology take care of the hassle tasks, so you can focus on your actual work. Sounds interesting? This is where an online Appointment Scheduling System comes in…

Okay… but what are Appointment Scheduling Systems?

Great question! Appointment Scheduling or simply, Booking systems are basically your personal assistants. These digital tools will make your life easier by letting clients book, reschedule, or cancel appointments seamlessly, without the back-and-forth you would have on WhatsApp for example.

For majority of the booking systems, they allow you to integrate smoothly with your calendars, give your clients auto reminders which reduce no-shows, and payment options which streamline the entire process. Plus! You get insights into your practice through analytics. It’s not just about managing appointments; it’s about creating a smoother, more personalized experience for you and your clients in the therapy world.

Alright, still on-board? Below we have compiled a list some of the popular booking systems that are most suitable for mental health practice. These tools are designed to help therapists, psychologist & counselors to simplify their day to day work:


SafeTalk is an all-rounder solution for you, offering services such as managing client records, communication between you & your client, bookings, and payments on the Cloud.

SafeTalk's scheduling taken directly from their website.

SafeTalk’s booking system will help ease the process for you by streamlining your availability and appointment scheduling which ensure smooth client interactions.

  • For your clients, they have a therapist booking page whereby they can conveniently book their therapy sessions.
  • Your clients can also receive auto reminders via email, ensuring they never miss an appointment and for you, reducing no-shows.

SafeTalk also has an abundance of other features which may interest you, such as: Organisation setup, Team members & permissions, services, payments & rooms, communication channels with clients, and lots more.

Worried about data privacy? All the data that is stored on SafeTalk’s platform is adherent to HIPAA practices & laws for Protected Health Information (PHI).

Interested? Here’s a link to SafeTalk’s website and pricing details:


Picktime's official logo taken from Google.

Picktime is a free online appointment scheduling software with payments, invoicing, sales, reporting, customer and team management. Though not specifically made with Therapists in mind, it is still a popular option and some of its features may resonate with you.

Picktime’s booking system has many features which will help ease the process between you and your clients.

  • For example, recurring booking systems give your clients priority service by pre-booking their slots.
  • Picktime’s booking widget feature will allow you to turn your websites into a booking engine.
  • Online booking form feature will allow you to collect all the necessary information about your client upon booking an appointment with you.

Other than their booking system, they also have features such as timezone conversion, invoice generation and many more.

Here are the pricings for Picktime: Its pricing ranges from free, to $3USD per user, per month (billed annually). With their most popular option being their Pro plan, priced at $2.25USD per user/month, (billed annually).


Calendly is a scheduling automation platform with team-based scheduling, solutions, and integrations for every department, and advanced security features. Similar to Picktime, it is not specifically catered to Therapists, but a popular option for those in the practice.

In terms of their booking systems, Calendly has features such as more suited for big organisations such as:

  • Offering invitees multiple meeting options on one page, allowing them to schedule based on the meeting’s nature.
  • You can let invitees choose a time, and Calendly will automatically schedule the meeting, reducing manual work.
  • Calendly lets you select event types for multi-person scheduling, like webinars for multiple guests (group scheduling).

Other features include: Calendar sync, easy embedding on your website, mobile app, etc.

For pricing, it ranges from free to enterprise plans, with their most popular plan being the Team plan, starting at $16USD per seat, per month (billed annually).

Calendly's booking system for a company called ACME Inc, taken directly from their website.


Setmore's booking page designed for a company called Dosoreh Barbershop, taken directly from their website.

Setmore is a free scheduling software that organises your business with 24/7 automated online booking, reminders, payments, and more. Perfect for those who just want to give this whole booking system thing a try.

Setmore is perfect for those who wish to add their own ✨flair✨ to their website, in Setmore you can:

  • Customise your booking page with a service menu, your availability and review from your previous clients.
  • Integrate Setmore directly onto your website, Facebook Page, and many more.
  • You can accept bookings 24/7.

Other features of Setmore include: secure online payments, automatic confirmations, staff logins, etc.

Pricing ranges from free to $5USD per user(s), per month (billed annually). For enterprise solutions, contact the team for more.

Say goodbye to good ol’ WhatsApp and Contact Forms and elevate your mental health practice to the new era of digitalization! Modernize your mental health practice now and focus on giving top-notch care to your clients!

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