What You Need To Know Before Seeing a Therapist

Ever heard someone say, ‘You should talk to a mental health professional’? It’s great advice, but it can also lead to some important questions:

Who exactly should you talk to?
What should you expect before your first appointment?
Why are there different professionals?
How can talking to them improve your mental health?

This month’s podcast episode dives into these questions. Our guest is Ms. Aishah Diyanah, a senior psychologist from Mentem Psychology. She helps explain some of the basic things we need to know about getting the support we need. Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Barriers to mental health treatment
  • Ways to support a loved one with mental health struggles
  • Signs that the therapist you’re seeing isn’t a good fit
  • The difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist
  • Finding help when you’ve burnt out and isolated yourself
  • And many more in between!

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Fawza Maisarah Social Media Manager @ SafeTalk and host of the 'Let's Talk About It' Podcast, passionate about raising mental health awareness through content creation on SafeTalk's social platforms.

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