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Pre-Pandemic vs. Now: How COVID Changed Us Mentally

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Did your mental health suffer in silence during the pandemic? You’re not alone. As our lives return to normal, it’s time to address these issues and learn how to rebuild our lives. Tune in to the newest episode to find out more.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a dramatic shift in our everyday lives. While the physical health risks were significant, the impact on mental health deserves just as much attention. In this episode of Let’s Talk About It Podcast, we explore these changes with registered and licensed counselor, Tapisha Kaur.

The Struggles We Faced

Tapisha touches on the most common mental health challenges she witnessed during the pandemic. We discuss how lockdowns and social isolation disproportionately affected certain demographics, including essential workers, parents, and even those with pre-existing mental health conditions.

Looking Towards Recovery

But this episode isn’t all doom and gloom. Tapisha guides us through how strong social support systems can prevent serious mental health issues. We discuss the long-term mental health impacts of COVID and the signs to watch out for in your loved ones who might need extra support during future crises.

Rebuilding Our Lives

As the world opens back up, many are experiencing anxieties about reconnecting with people face-to-face. Tapisha shares some practical tips to overcome this fear and navigate social interactions after a period of isolation.

Finding Balance in a New Normal

The pandemic also brought unexpected positives for some. Some found themselves strengthening family ties and rediscovering old hobbies. Now that things are going back to how they were, the question is: how do we hold onto those good things while getting back to a normal routine?

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This blog post only scratches the surface of our conversation with Tapisha Kaur. To learn more about how COVID impacted our mental health, the road to recovery, and how to thrive in this post-pandemic world, tune in to the full episode available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and any podcast platform of your choice!

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