Introducing “Let’s Talk About It Podcast” by SafeTalk!

Let's Talk About It Podcast

How often do we stumble upon podcast clips on TikTok and Instagram, discussing about controversial topics and the latest trends? Quite often, I’d say. I think most of us can agree that these topics are undeniably entertaining (even when we say we hate dramas). But let’s talk about something equally important: mental health. How often do we get to sit down, relax and listen to people being real about mental health? That’s why we decided to make our own podcast — to share interesting stories and insights about mental health.

So, let me introduce you to the very first episode of “Let’s Talk About It Podcast by SafeTalk,” where we talk about data privacy! Now, I know it might sound a bit technical, but stick with me. We often overlook just how crucial it is to protect our data, whether as professionals or just regular internet users. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be discussing:

  • What exactly is data privacy and how is it different from data security?
  • Understanding the HIPAA privacy rule in mental health care
  • Steps we take to ensure our users’ data is safe
  • Common mistakes to avoid when using mental health apps
  • The impact of poor data privacy on mental health
  • Spotting red flags and green flags in online services

Our co-founder Shavkat, who’s not only an Accredited Mental Health First Aider but also HIPAA-certified, will be sharing his expertise and personal experiences on this important topic. Trust me, it’s going to be eye-opening! Remember, taking care of our mental health includes knowing how to protect it.

Check out the full episode below:

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Fawza Maisarah Social Media Manager @ SafeTalk and host of the 'Let's Talk About It' Podcast, passionate about raising mental health awareness through content creation on SafeTalk's social platforms.

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