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Autism, ADHD, & More: A Guide to Early Intervention in Mental Health

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Struggling with the mental health intervention process as parents? Here’s what a psychologist recommends!

Have you ever wondered if early intervention can make a difference in mental health? In this episode of “Let’s Talk About It Podcast by SafeTalk”, we explore the power of getting help early with Ms. Norzatul Ain (Ms. Zura), a clinical psychologist at Axon Children’s Centre with experience in child development.

This episode is for everyone, not just parents! We’ll delve into:

  • Supporting Young Minds: Discover how early diagnosis can help children with neurodevelopmental disorders thrive. We also address common worries parents face, from feeling guilty to navigating the first steps towards getting help.
  • Hope for Every Stage: Maybe you suspect you might have struggled with something as a child that wasn’t addressed back then. Ms. Zura shares the encouraging message that it’s never too late to understand yourself better.
  • Celebrating Differences: We’ll explore how early intervention can empower individuals with different learning styles and experiences. We learn the value of diagnosis, not just for children but also for adults who want to understand their own experiences.

This episode is a gentle reminder that it’s never too late to start, and as long as you’re open to learning, you are one step into a healthy mental health journey!

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